Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress v4.0.2

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress v4.0.2 Download


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Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress v4.0.2

This Google Maps Plugin for WordPress is the most advanced Google Maps plugin ever created. We developed it using valuable feedback from hundreds of customers.

Version 4.0.1

- Improvement - Responsive CSS issues fixed
- New - KML links are refreshed every time.
- New - fc-hide-mobile class can be used to hide data from infowindow and in the listing for Mobiles/Ipads.
- Fix - Marker category icons was not working.

Version 4.0.0

- New - Setup featured image for manual location.
- New - Setup category priority for each category. Show category listing in priority order.
- New - Import CSV without latitude and longitude. Geocoding will be performed to calculate latitude & longitude based on the address provided in the CSV.
- New - Feature to update locations based on location ID using CSV.
- Improvement - ID column is added in export CSV to use in updating modified entries.
- Improvement - UI is changed using material color scheme.
- New - Ability to setup map properties according to screen size.
- New - Display search control on google maps to change position on google maps on the frontend.
- New - Display custom HTML, images & videos on google maps using a custom control.
- New - Ability to customize Info window appearance.
- New - Display custom fields on info window message and listing, added by Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Plugin.
- New - Show posts on the map using ACF plugin.
- New - Show categories in order by category priority.
- New - Show listing order by category priority.
- New - Search within default radius based on user's location.
- New - Apply ready-made 15 color scheme. On one click, you can change the overall look on google maps and listing.
- New - Apply your own color scheme by choosing Primary and Secondary Colors.
- New - Export/Import Maps settings from one site to another site.

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