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BackupBuddy – WordPress BackUp Plugin

Your WordPress website needs a reliable backup strategy using a trusted WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy. WordPress doesn't include built-in backups, so we built BackupBuddy in 2010 to meet the need for a solid WordPress backup solution.

Even your host backup may not be enough if you experience a server crash. Other WordPress security issues include hacks, malware, user error, deleted files and running bad commands. All of these things can completely wipe out your WordPress site forever. Having a current backup of your WordPress website is critical for protecting your website. BackupBuddy is here to help. - 2017-07-18 - Dustin Bolton
Full backups now contain a copy of importbuddy.php even if password is not set. In this case the user will need to use the "Forgot Password" option to use this importbuddy.php.
importbuddy: Lack of json_decode() function now displays error message.
Rackspace remote destination: Fixed uncaught exception when directory value is blank.
Misc logging improvements. - 2017-07-20 - Dustin Bolton
Added additional default exclusions for 3rd party files/directories.
Stash Live: Added default postmeta exclusion for Adrotate plugin: /_count-views_.+/
Rackspace destination: Fixed file listing not showing when no directory is set.
Deployment: Added new option to disable Pushing to or Pulling from a site in the destination's configuration options. Useful for preventing accidental deployments in the wrong direction. - 2017-07-24 - Dustin Bolton
Fixed multiple "A non-numeric value encountered " errors due to PHP 7.1.
Added additional Backup page logging to detect failure point.

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