Barebone Ionic Full Application v2.24

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Barebone Ionic Full Application v2.24

What’s new in version 2.24:
Tabs with badges. Google Places autocomplete.

What’s new in version 2.23:
Youtube player stops playing in the background when the app is paused.

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Feature request
Help us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously.

2.24 - Mar 23, 2017
- Google Places autocomplete
- Tabs with badges

2.23 - Dec 13, 2016
- Youtube player stops when the app is paused

2.22 - Oct 20, 2016
- Slide menu remains open on tablets and wide screens
- Support for Youtube channel URLs based on both username and channel IDs

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