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Countdown WordPress Plugin 4.1.0

The Product Countdown WordPress Plugin is the most powerful scarcity plugin ever created for WooCommerce.
With just a few clicks you can create scarcity-based countdown-timers when a WooCommerce product is on sale.

With a countdown displaying on your products you create something like a scarcity mentality in people. It can create a feeling of fear, anxiety and maybe desperation just because they see that the price will rise in a specific period.

It also make someone think that s/he has got only one shot right now. Buying a product then relieves much of the pressure (and the feeling of fear).

4.1.0 (May 10, 2017)

New: Extend WooCommerce to allow setting times in schedule dates, too
Updated language translations
New: Added new filter: wpbpc_ext_load_time see FAQ

4.0.11 (Apr. 27, 2017)

Fix: bring back Countdown for variable products
Plugin is no longer compatible with WooCommerce < 3.0.0 Plugin is no longer compatible with PHP < 5.6.0 4.0.10 (Apr. 20, 2017) WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility

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