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Dokan Pro v2.6.3

The Complete Multivendor. e-Commerce Solution for WordPress

A Marketplace that Manages Itself

Dokan multivendor puts you on top yet an easy position by letting vendors manage a lot of things for themselves. Everything is so automated in Dokan that you only need to review the orders.

v2.6.3 -> June 8, 2017


- [new] Added action to duplicate product from product list view
- [new] Added option to set product as pending review when vendors re-edit or update a product
- [fix] Announcement visibility logic updated for widget and announce template
- [fix] Coupon add category selection limit fixed
- [fix] All products can not be set when selecting all products on coupon view fixed
- [tweak] Coupon showing styles improved

v2.6.2 -> May 18, 2017


- [new] Dynamic state select option for Vendor Setup Wizard
- [fix] Change Product Seller from admin not working properly for variation products
- [fix] Store listing search not showing same result if submitted
- [fix] Store listing search sending multiple requests on AJAX
- [fix] Feature products, Best selling products and Top rated seller queries fixed
- [fix] Fixed Order status label issue in seller order listing
- [tweak] Added currency argument for wc_price
- [tweak] Various helper text labels updated

v2.6.1 -> May 4, 2017


- [fix] Vendor coupon type not showing properly
- [fix] Saving variation product and variation title view
- [fix] Tab view product gallery image not saving
- [fix] Tab view shipping functionality
- [fix] Tab view schedule render
- [fix] Refund rendering issue when order is not found
- [fix] Downloadable variable product not saving
- [new] Added variation description field in tab view product page

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