[EventON] Action User v2.0.14

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[EventON] Action User v2.0.14

The Powerful ActionUser

ActionUser addon is a whole 9 yards of an addon for eventON. It allows front-end event submissions with huge array of variations and customization, front-end event manager, user permissions control and user assignments for events.

v 2.0.14 (2017-6-16)
ADDED: Option to allow assigned event users to see event in event manager
ADDED: disable editing time date filter for actionUser plus addon
ADDED: option to allow assigned users to edit and delete events
ADDED: edit and deletion multiple verifications
FIXED: PHP 7.1+ compatibility issues
FIXED: lightbox form color picker error
FIXED: assign user not working for some ppl
FIXED: individual disable editing to override settings value
UPDATED: alternate preset dateformat to be passed for saving date
UPDATED: event manager styles

v 2.0.13 (2017-4-24)
ADDED: Ability to translate date picker text strings
ADDED: Class names for submission form fields
ADDED: Support for filterable back to event manager link
FIXED: Event manager unix time issue
FIXED: Event manager edit and delete button links were not working for some
FIXED: Moved actionUser settings menu up the order
UPDATED: event manager styles

v 2.0.12 (2016-12-30)
FIXED: Location and organizer fields now showing when there are no terms and create new is allowed
FIXED: Event manager events to link to event page
FIXED: notification from email to check for correct email address before using data
UPDATED: Notification email from email field placeholder text

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