[EventON] CSV Importer v1.1.4

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[EventON] CSV Importer v1.1.4

CSV Event Importer

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CSV Event Importer addon for EventON WordPress plugin will allow you to export events from another event plugin or another event calendar (such as iCal or google calendar) – into CSV file format – and import those events into EventON Calendar. The simple step-by-step process in importing events will also allow you to select or un-select events from getting imported into EventON calendar.
Key Features of this addon

AJAX based importing of events from CSV file – allows big CSV file with 100s of events to be imported than before.

Real-time import status – each row of CSV fetched events will be marked as they are importing into the system.

v 1.1.4 (2017-5-23)
FIXED: Organizer ID importing not working
FIXED: Organizer name not saving correct for events
FIXED: organizer and location not saving is location ID given in CSV
FIXED: PHP 7.0 compatibility causing events to not import correct
UPDATED: Addon initiation process

v 1.1.3 (2016-10-10)
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventON 2.4.7

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