[EventON] Event Tickets v1.5.7

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[EventON] Event Tickets v1.5.7

Sell tickets for your events

Tickets addon for eventON powered by woocommerce allow you to sell tickets for your events. This addon offer great customization to meet your needs such as variable prices, guest list for event, additional ticket holders for event, sold tickets individually, receive customer inquiries before buying and various other amazing features.

v 1.5.7 (2017-6-15)
ADDED: Option to stop using event time in WC Product name
ADDED: option to always redirect WC product pages to event pages
FIXED: Missing item quantity in cart issue
FIXED: shopping cart quantity error for some customers
FIXED: Ticket product name showing time in order details after order
FIXED: Completed ticket order meta showing untranslated meta key names

v 1.5.6 (2017-5-25)
FIXED: add to cart ticket item name link to event page
FIXED: email attendees list not sending emails

v 1.5.5 (2017-5-15)
FIXED: Additional ticket holder name compatible with seats addon
FIXED: Item no longer for sale issue
FIXED: Add to cart notice minor style changes
FIXED: Auto redirect after adding to cart issue
FIXED: enqueue styles and scripts to pass latest version number
FIXED: Minicart update not working after adding to cart

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