[EventON] RSVP Events v2.5.11

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[EventON] RSVP Events v2.5.11

RSVP Events

RSVP addon for eventON allows you to enable your website visitors to RSVP to your events using name and email address and set number of spaces needed. What’s even cool is at the event you can check-in attendance from the backend of your website.

v 2.5.11 (2017-6-19)
FIXED: userid passed in old version not linking to correct profile in guest list
FIXED: email address trimming for spaces
FIXED: repeat events attendees list showing all for first repeat
FIXED: event manager RSVP missing translations
FIXED: event manager show only selected RSVP choice option stats
FIXED: Couple of other missing translations

v 2.5.10 (2017-6-13)
ADDED: Action filters to form
ADDED: Missing backend translations for text strings
ADDED: Receive email notification field support for AU event submission form
ADDED: Maximum capacity count per RSVP field support for AU event submission form
ADDED: Option to download attendees as CSV to AU event manager
ADDED: Option to checkin attendees from AU event manager
FIXED: Receive updates not saved correctly
FIXED: eventtop rsvped status to update up on change on eventcard
FIXED: Guest list with no name guests to be hidden
FIXED: minor form style issues
FIXED: rsvp form text not reflecting other language translations
UPDATED: Login button pluggable filters
UPDATED: Minor style update
UPDATED: AU event manager RSVP styles

v 2.5.9 (2017-4-7)
ADDED: Missing translations on actionUser event manager
ADDED: Additional guest names in notification email
ADDED: Additional guest names missing in confirmation email
FIXED: back to events link not working in AU event manager for RSVP stats
FIXED: Minor style update
FIXED: admin notice for template customization link
FIXED: Additional guest names not working on incard form
FIXED: Error when trashing rsvp post

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