[EventON] Seats v0.2

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[EventON] Seats v0.2


The Seats addon for EventON allows you to convert your event tickets into interactive, handpicked seats from a map of seats.

Pick the seat you desire

With our interactive seats addon for eventON you can easily create spot-on seat map layouts that best replicate actual floor plans with features like handicap seats or reserved seats and set custom prices for each seat.

Changelog for Event Seats

Last updated: 2 months ago

v 0.2 (2017-6-2)
FIXED: Currency symbol not reflecting correct on popup window
FIXED: Seats lightbox not loading on ajax loaded months
FIXED: cart seat item to link to event page
UPDATED: to save each seat section at a time to avoid max input var error
UPDATED: loading class name changed to avoid conflicts

v 0.1 (2017-5-2)
Initial release

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