[EventON] Subscriber v1.2.2

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[EventON] Subscriber v1.2.2

Subscriber addon for eventON makes it easy for your customers – or who ever you cater the events to – subscribe to calendar and receive new emails when ever a new event is published on your calendar.

The Lightbox Subscription Form

Clicking on subscriber button brings in the subscription form. Except the required email address you can customize the rest of the fields such as: Name, All event type categories, event location, event organizer and privacy links.

v 1.2.2 (2017-5-25)
FIXED: subscriber posts showing in search results

v 1.2.1 (2017-3-6)
FIXED: new event email time be formatted based on eventon settings
FIXED: special character treatment on email subject and body (thanks thirdriver)
FIXED: New event datetime missing correct post meta values
FIXED: Appearance not taking effect for standalone subscriber button
UPDATED: eventon 2.5 compatibility with styles and addon initiation
UPDATED: Repeating events notice for subscriber

v 1.2 (2016-8-15)
FIXED: New event email template text escaping
FIXED: Standalone subscriber button not working by itself

v 1.1 (20167-11)
FIXED: Standalone button lang variable not recognized

v 1.0 (2016-3-30)
ADDED: Mailchimp intergration for adding subscribers to email lists
ADDED: Be able to activate subscribers direct from all subscribers page
ADDED: Shortcode for standalone subscription button that can go anywhere
ADDED: verify subscription email text into language
FIXED: When subscription manager page deleted subscription verification link error
UPDATED: Emails to look similar to standard eventon email layout

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