[Plugin] Domain Mapping v4.4.2.5

[Plugin] Domain Mapping v4.4.2.5 Download


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[Plugin] Domain Mapping v4.4.2.5

Give sites on your network a custom URL or offer domain resale and mapping as a premium service and make more money with Domain Mapping for Multisite.


Removed: Support for WHMCS
Added: Notification to Network admin about WHMCS
Fixed: Some minor typos
Fixed: Fatal error with newer versions of PHP
Fixed: Issue with logged out users on Pro Site not being redirected to mapped domain
Fixed: Various issues involving SSL and mismatched content
Fixed: Issue with theme customizer not working with mapped domains
Fixed: Issue with purchasing uk tld using PayPal
rors when using the Customizer
Improved: Refactored mapping logic for easier troubleshooting mapping issues in

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