[Plugin] Multi-Domains for Multisite v1.3.4.5

[Plugin] Multi-Domains for Multisite v1.3.4.5 Download


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[Plugin] Multi-Domains for Multisite v1.3.4.5

Multi-Domains adds the power to operate multiple primary domain names on a single WordPress Multisite network.

It’s like having multiple networks on one Multisite installation – but better.

Offer relevant URLs to more users on one network.
More Network URLs to Choose From

Give users the ability to choose a network domain that relates to their business, site or service or let users easily create a niche blog and select a content relevant URL.

Add full domain control and flexibility without creating a new network.


Fixed: Incorrect or out of date cookie nag


Fixed: vulnerability in add_query_arg and remove_query_arg usage
Fixed: Wildcard DNS Availability check


Amended: sunrise inclusion

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