[Plugin] Multisite Content Copier v1.5.3

[Plugin] Multisite Content Copier v1.5.3 Download


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[Plugin] Multisite Content Copier v1.5.3

Multisite Content Copier is the perfect solution for copying posts, pages, users and even plugins to other sites on your multisite network.

Follow the simple guide for quick copying.
A Big Time Saver

Save a bunch of time on site creation and setup. Populate entire sites in a matter of seconds.

Quickly seed new sites with content, users and plugins. Move content to a single site, groups of sites or every site on your network with a click.

Version 1.5.3

Fix: No Paths are displayed in Content Copier Site Groups in a subfolder installation
Fix: Scheduled posts are not copied
Fixed conflicts with 3rd party Maintenance plugin

Version 1.5.2

Fixed: Wizard issue when trying to copy all users in step 3

Version 1.5.1

Fixed: WooCommerce gallery was not being remaped

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