[Plugin] Pro Sites v3.5.5

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[Plugin] Pro Sites v3.5.5

Create and monetize your own WordPress.com or Edublogs.org type network with premium services and paid upgrades using Pro Sites.

Pro Sites can power a network with millions of blogs – and does. We developed Pro Sites to manage Edublogs.org, one of the largest and most profitable networks in the world. It makes light work of site management, leaving you to get on with growing your business.
Offer plans that connect with your clients.
Offer Premium Upgrades

Charge users for access to your premium hosting services.

Allow users on your network with a basic account and invite them to upgrade for ad-free blogging, expert 24/7 support and top shelf products.

Version 3.5.5

Maintenance Release - Fixes issue with Checkout, Gateway - Site Expiry for recurring subscriptions

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Version 3.5.4

This is a stability and maintenance release

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Version 3.5.2

Fixed: First payment coupons not working after single use
Fixed: Use stripslashes in Paypal IPN handler, as WordPress escapes the data, it was
leading to failed IPN verification in some cases
Fixed: Deprecated function `get_admin_users_for_domain`
Fixed: Skip Payment gateway for Zero cost plans (Only Non Recurring )
Fixed: Skip Payment gateway for 100% Off coupons (Only Non Recurring )
Fixed: Do not show "Change your plan heading" for New Signups
Fixed: Price not being displayed on checkout page if monthly price is disabled
Fixed: Japanese Yen currency (Zero Decimal Currency issue ) for Stripe
Added: Premium plugins now auto activate or deactivate when a site's level changes.
Added: Permanent extensions can now be reverted by extending a site manually.

  • Paint.NET - lautre-monde.fr
    Thanks Chelle, Yes I may install a translation plugin in the coming months. The issue right now with these plugins is that the translation engine isn’t really good.

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