[Plugin] Snapshot Pro v3.1.2

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[Plugin] Snapshot Pro v3.1.2

Have you ever made a change that broke your site, or been hacked and wished you could go back in time?

Snapshot creates full site automated and on-demand backups to both local and cloud servers.
Schedule backups and control how long you keep them.
Scheduled Backups

Schedule automated backups or run Snapshot before you change a line of code, update WordPress core or activate a plugin.

Restore points make it easy to try something new and jump back in a flash if it doesn’t work.

Version 3.1.2

New: The Snapshot name is included in the generated archive filename, for easier identification
New: An error message is displayed if uploading a Snapshot to a remote destination fails
New: Snapshot filenames are displayed when viewing the Snapshot's information
New: Display a single Snapshot overview after editing a Snapshot, rather than overview of all Snapshots
Restored: Snapshots can be created from and restored to a specific subsite on WordPress multisite

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