[Plugin] User Activity v1.1

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[Plugin] User Activity v1.1

Collect user activity data and make it available via a tab under the Site Admin.

User Activity lets you easily monitor your number of active users.

This plugin provides you with the ability to collect user activity data for easily monitoring user activity.
Quickly see the number of users in the last.

It also allows you to display the number of users currently online anywhere on your main site – or any site on a network. Get Real Time Reports

Monitor user activity via your new ‘User Activity’ page in the network admin dashboard.

Version 1.1

Added lang domain function
Removed old language files
Removed deprecated notice
More little improvements

Version 1.0.6

Added more stats: today, 7 days and 30 days, based on activity per user
Added new table for activity loggin
Activity with more than 30 days old is now removed

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