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Why choose Relevanssi?

Relevanssi Premium is the WordPress search solution that’ll make your users go WOW! Why would you care about it? Here’s why:

With good search, your site seems better and more professional.
Your users will be more happy.
Happy users will spend more time on your website.
The information you provide will be used more.
The ads you show will get more views.
See the full list of Relevanssi features.

Relevanssi Premium 1.15.3 fixes many bugs and improves Relevanssi behaviour in many cases. Indexing taxonomy terms is further improved, as is highlighting HTML tags.

A fairly big change is how Relevanssi handles taxonomy terms and user profiles when a post type parameter is used. Previously setting a post type parameter didn’t exclude taxonomy terms and user profiles from the search; now it does. If you want to include taxonomy terms and user profiles in a search with a post type restriction, add the taxonomy name or “user” to the list of post types to include.

Relevanssi also now supports ACF Repeater fields without any added plugins.

Multisite search won’t attempt to search in blogs that don’t exist or are deleted or marked spam.
Synonym indexing failed if synonyms contained a forward slash.
Highlighting HTML tags has been improved further.
Relevanssi now indexes taxonomy terms whenever they are created.
Improvements to taxonomy terms and post type parameters. Now if you set a post type parameter, taxonomy terms or user profiles are not included in the search. In order to see taxonomy terms in the search results when using post_types parameter, add the taxonomy name (or user) to the post_types parameter. This does not work with the default post_type parameter.
Relevanssi now actively blocks one-letter search terms, as they are generally pointless and can cause ‘out of memory’ issues. One-letter search terms are no longer highlighted, either. These are usually caused by cases like “word's" being interpreted as “word s“.
New filter: relevanssi_tag_before_tokenize allows you to access tag content before indexing.
New filter: relevanssi_disable_shortcodes_excerpt lets you add more shortcodes to be disabled before excerpts are built.
Relevanssi now supports fieldname_%_subfieldname notation for ACF Repeater fields in “Custom fields to index” settings.

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