[StoreApps] Offer Your Price v2.10.1

[StoreApps] Offer Your Price v2.10.1 Download


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[StoreApps] Offer Your Price v2.10.1

Offer Your Price

Let customers pay what they want – without hurting your bottom line!!

Everyone loves a good deal. And when you have the freedom to choose what to pay for a product, things get even better! Offer Your Price lets you create a “pay what you want”, “name your own price” or “donation based” pricing system. Customers can either buy at the listed price or make an offer. If offered price is higher than the minimum bidding price threshold you’ve set, offer is accepted and customer is emailed a coupon immediately. If not, a counter offer is sent to the customer. Everything is instant and automated. Set it once and let the cash registers roll!

*** Offer Your Price Changelog ***

2017.06.01 - version 2.10.1
* Fix: Offer Your Price field being displayed in an incompatible product type
* Update: Compatibitly files
* Update: StoreApps upgrade file

2017.04.12 - version 2.10
* New: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+
* Fix: Checkbox for variations remains checked even after unchecking it
* Fix: Offer Your Price form erroneously appending product name on change of variations
* Update: Will now support only WooCommmerce 2.5+
* Update: POT File

2016.10.10 - version 2.9.10
* Update: Important changes related to automatic updates of this plugin

2016.08.05 - version 2.9.9
* New: Fastest access to documentation in admin panel through Quick Help widget

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