[StoreApps] Smart Reporter v2.9.18

[StoreApps] Smart Reporter v2.9.18 Download


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Smart Reporter

Accurate and up to date sales data. Product wise sales, key performance indicators, instant search and lot more.

The Best Reporting Solution for WooCommerce

Smart Reporter delivers Business Analytics for WordPress powered e-Commerce shops like never before. You get up to date and accurate charts, reports and key performance indicators. You can now back up your intuition with data and take your sales to the next level.


= 2.9.18 (08.06.2017) =
* Fix: Cannot use function return value in write context for PHP < 5.5 = 2.9.17 (08.05.2017) = * Update: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.0+ * Fix: Clicking on amount in the payment gateways & shipping methods widget not displaying proper filtered orders * Fix: Call to undefined function 'date_diff()' for PHP < 5.3 * Fix: Minor Fixes = 2.9.16 = * Fix: Data Sync not completing properly in some cases * Fix: Smart Reporter not working properly in Multi-site environment * Fix: 'Last Order Date' not getting displayed in 'Top Abandoned Products' export [Smart Reporter Beta] (WooCommerce) * Fix: Remove Debug Warnings * Fix: Minor Fixes

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