Themify Post Type Builder Map View Addon 1.2.0

Themify Post Type Builder Map View Addon 1.2.0 Download


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Themify Post Type Builder Map View Addon 1.2.0

The PTB Map View addon allows you to display posts on a map by querying the location field from a custom post type. It works hand-in-hand with the Post Type Builder and PTB Extra Fields addon. How it works is that it links the Map field type on the selected custom post type, then displays the posts on a map based on their location. You can insert your own custom image marker, select from our icon library, or use the default marker. When a marker is clicke,d users will see a pop-up preview of the post, and if they click the preview, it will redirect them to the actual post. The addon smartly adds/removes markers when you add/remove a post, ensuring that it only queries posts that have a location field. This is perfect for displaying properties for real-estate sites, restaurant locations, and store locations.

Check out the demo to see how it works. We've made a couple of samples to showcase its functionality: Property and Restaurant.

Seamless Custom Post Type + PTB Extra Field - Create maps that are linked with all your custom post types and the map extra field.
Custom Markers - Upload your own image, select from over 320+ icons, or use the default marker.
Set Map Type - You can choose to display 4 map types: Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain.
Custom Width & Height - You can set custom width and height of the map.
Map Options - Set to either enable/disable scrollwheel, allow map to be draggable, or disable draggable feature only on mobile.
Query Categories/Taxonomies - Ability to query posts from specific categories/taxonomies.

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