The Events Calendar Community Events 4.5.11

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The Events Calendar Community Events 4.5.11

Manage Your Website’s Calendar With Ease

Get professional-level quality and features backed by a team you can trust. The Events Calendar is a free WordPress plugin available on the plugin repository. Download a copy or check out the demo. Looking to get more out of your calendar? Advanced features including recurring events, ticket sales, publicly submitted events, new views, Facebook event integration and more can be added through available add-ons.

== Changelog ==

= [4.5.2] 2017-06-28 =

* Fix - Improved handling of Venue fields that allows for better form validation in Community Events [76297]
* Fix - Ensure the "Users cannot create new Venues|Organizers" setting is respected [80487]
* Fix - Ensure the tribe-no-js class is removed when appropriate. [79335]
* Tweak - Do not render the venue or organizer template modules if the current user can neither select nor create those posts [80487]

= [4.5.1] 2017-06-14 =

* Fix - Preserve 'Event Options' when the Community form is submitted [72055]

= [4.5] 2017-06-06 =

* Feature - Post tags to the Community Events Editor [35822]
* Feature - Completely revamp the HTML and CSS for the Community "My Events" and "Events Editor" [76968]
* Feature - Increase the customization hook for all Community Event templates [76968]
* Feature - Improve user experience for featured image uploading on "Events Editor" [76948]
* Fix - Display of checkboxes in the additional field section to be one per line [74002]
* Tweak - Modify Categories user experience on the Community event editor [77125]
* Tweak - Adding community events options to sysinfo data available viewable in Events > Help [38730]
* Tweak - Event Editor now has a better Mobile CSS [77189]
* Tweak - Removed Class `Tribe__Events__Community__Modules__Taxonomy_Block`
* Tweak - Added Template tag: `tribe_community_events_list_columns`, `tribe_community_events_prev_next_nav`
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_community_events_allowed_taxonomies`, `tribe_community_events_list_columns`, `tribe_community_events_list_columns_blocked`, `tribe_community_events_add_event_label`, `tribe_community_events_list_display_button_text`, `tribe_events_community_custom_field_value`, `tribe_community_event_edit_button_label`
* Tweak - Removed filters: `tribe_community_events_form_spam_control`, `tribe_events_community_category_dropdown_shown_item_count`, `tribe_ce_event_update_button_text`, `tribe_ce_event_submit_button_text`, `tribe_ce_add_event_button_text`, `tribe_ce_event_list_display_button_text`, `tribe_community_custom_field_value`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_community_events_before_list_navigation`, `tribe_community_events_after_list_navigation_buttons`, `tribe_community_events_before_list_table`, `tribe_community_events_after_list_table`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_captcha`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_captcha`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_cost`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_cost`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_custom_fields`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_custom_fields`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_datetime`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_datetime`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_description`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_description`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_featured_image`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_featured_image`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_organizer`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_organizer`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_honeypot`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_honeypot`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_submit`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_submit`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_taxonomy`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_taxonomy`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_title`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_title`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_venue`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_venue`, `tribe_events_community_section_before_website`, `tribe_events_community_section_after_website`
* Tweak - Removed actions: `tribe_events_community_before_the_event_title`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_event_title`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_content`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_content`, `tribe_events_community_before_form_submit`, `tribe_events_community_after_form_submit`, `tribe_ce_before_event_list_top_buttons`, `tribe_ce_after_event_list_top_buttons`, `tribe_ce_before_event_list_table`, `tribe_ce_after_event_list_table`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_captcha`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_captcha`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_cost`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_cost`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_datepickers`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_datepickers`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_featured_image`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_featured_image`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_categories`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_categories`, `tribe_events_community_before_the_website`, `tribe_events_community_after_the_website`
* Language - 17 new strings added, 134 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted [events-community]

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