[wedevs] WP Project Manager Pro v1.6.5

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[wedevs] WP Project Manager Pro v1.6.5

Start Efficient Team Collaboration

A powerful tool to manage teamwork and deliver timely from your WordPress powered website.

Best Used For
Task Management

Keep your team work organized with to-do lists, milestones, tracking and advanced task management tools.
Team Collaboration

Discuss, share and efficiently work together with your team to deliver time sensitive results.
Advanced Reporting

Track across projects in multiple methods and plan ahead with your team, take the next big leap in performance.

= 1.6.5 - July 6, 2017 =

* [new] Pro module separation.
* [update] Co-worker can not show the list corner menu.
* [fix] If ToDo list "views private" disable from setting option then co-worker can be accessed ToDo list Task from the calendar.
* [fix] Double ToDo Shown in the calendar when date range was too long. example: Start date and end date (Fri - mon)
* [fix] Double "New To-Do" button shown and also cpm-new-todolist-form has shown when clicked "New To-Do" List button.
* [fix] Though "ToDo list" view private enable and "ToDo" view private disable So In Private ToDo list Task Not showing in the calendar.
* [fix] When "cpm-todo-prgress-bar" completed and the incomplete task was counting double and also shown double in "cpm-completed-tasks", "cpm-incomplete-tasks".
* [fix] Calendar todo-list and tasks permission.

= 1.6.4 - June 22, 2017 =

* [new] Task list view or kanban board view on the right corner in to-do list section.
* [new] Permission applied on subtask create button.
* [new] Permission propagation from task to subtask and vice versa
* [update] Permission applied on task completion.
* [update] Task completion on my task.
* [update] Notify co-workers on task completion.
* [update] Task update action hook.
* [update] Report print button style updated.
* [update] Overview section on my task.
* [update] Style sheets updated.
* [fix] Wrong color for a task that has only start date on calendar.
* [fix] Wrong color for a task that has only start date on my calendar.
* [fix] Deadline disapper when moving a task on calendar.
* [fix] PHP warning on project overview.
* [fix] PHP warning on my task overview.

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