WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields v1.9.0

WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields v1.9.0 Download


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WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields v1.9.0

Use Admin Custom Order Fields to Streamline Order Processing and Details

Do you find yourself putting a lot of information in your “Order Notes” or using outside software, such as Excel, to keep track of order details? Say goodbye to all of the hassle of keeping track of order information in a million different places! The Admin Custom Order Fields extension will allow your team to use WooCommerce as a complete Customer Relationship Management system so order information is centralized where the orders actually happen — right within your WooCommerce dashboard.

*** WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields Changelog ***

2017.06.27 - version 1.9.0
* Feature - Added support for WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export and WooCommerce Customer / Order XML Export custom format builders
* Fix - Ensure fields with default values can be cleared for an order

2017.03.28 - version 1.8.0
* Fix - Options can now accept "0" as a value
* Fix - Ensure styles & scripts are loaded where needed when "WooCommerce" string is translated
* Misc - Added support for WooCommerce 3.0
* Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce 2.4

2016.12.14 - version 1.7.1
* Fix - Multiple choice fields like checkboxes and multiselect can't be cleared once a choice has been saved: when clearing choices and the order is saved again, the fields will maintain the previously saved, non-empty values

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