WooCommerce Authorize.Net AIM Gateway v3.12.0

WooCommerce Authorize.Net AIM Gateway v3.12.0 Download


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WooCommerce Authorize.Net AIM Gateway v3.12.0

Easily and Securely Accept Credit Cards using Authorize.net AIM

The Authorize.net AIM extension provides the most integrated checkout experience possible with WooCommerce while providing the security and reliability that comes with using Authorize.net for payment processing. Includes support for checkout using Authorize.net eChecks and Accept.js!

2017.07.25 - version 3.12.0
* Dev - Added Apple Pay framework

2017.06.28 - version 3.11.3
* Tweak - Force TLS 1.2 for API requests when available
* Misc - Add an admin notice for hosting environments that are not compatible with Authorize.Net's upcoming security requirements
* Misc - Update the SkyVerge plugin framework

2017.06.13 - version 3.11.2
* Misc - Update SkyVerge plugin framework

2017.04.11 - version 3.11.1
* Fix - Set a relevant "Billing State" label at checkout when requiring billing state for EU payment processors

2017.03.28 - version 3.11.0
* Misc - Added support for WooCommerce 3.0
* Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce 2.4

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