WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export v4.3.6

WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export v4.3.6 Download


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WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export v4.3.6

Easily Export Orders & Customers from WooCommerce via CSV

While WooCommerce gives you reporting and order fulfillment tools, many merchants still need to use external systems for customer management, order fulfillment, or simply need an easy way to get data out of WooCommerce.

We’ve simplified the data transfer from WooCommerce to CRMs or other systems by providing a customer / order exporter that outputs CSV formatted files. The WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export Suite lets you export individual order or customer records, bulk export records on-demand, or you can set up automatic exports via FTP, HTTP POST, or email for orders and customers!

2017.07.25 - version 4.3.6
* Fix - Deprecation warnings in WooCommerce 3.1

2017.05.31 - version 4.3.5
* Fix - Exporting individual orders using an "Orders" list action showed no orders found

2017.05.23 - version 4.3.4
* Misc - Add a filter 'wc_customer_order_csv_export_format_date' to allow tweaking the date format in exported files
* Fix - Export modal links where improperly escaped
* Fix - PHP notices occurred when a user to export was not found
* Fix - A PHP error occurred when an order to export was not found

2017.05.18 - version 4.3.3
* Fix - Fix issue with exporting files by properly checking export file permissions

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