WooCommerce Min Max Quantities v2.3.18

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WooCommerce Min Max Quantities v2.3.18

Define quantity rules for orders, products and variations

This neat little extension allows you to define minimum/maximum thresholds and multiple/group amounts per product (including variations) to restrict the quantities of items which can be purchased. The Min/Max Quantities extension lets you set up quantity rules for:


Set a minimum and maximum quantity required to checkout
Set a minimum and maximum cost (of cart items) required to checkout
Exclude products from said rules


Minimum and maximum quantity required
Group/multiples required (e.g. you must purchase in groups of X)
Per-variation control of the above product rules

The customer won’t be able to checkout until they meet your restrictions – errors will be shown on their cart page and prompt them to correct their cart items.

*** WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities Changelog ***

2017-06-28 - version 2.3.18
* Fix - Issue when global level rules not applying correctly to items adding to cart.
* Fix - Issue with product level exclusion not overriding global rule settings.
* Fix - Cart level maximum order qty rules were not applying correctly.
* Add - Woo plugin header.

2017-06-15 - version 2.3.17
* Fix - Add to cart message showing successful when not.

2017-04-03 - version 2.3.16
* Fix - Update for WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.

2016-12-16 - version 2.3.15
* Fix - Quantity duplication issue on compat with Multiple Shipping Addresses.
* Fix - Variations pagination prompting for save changes when nothing has changed.

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