WooCommerce MSRP Pricing v2.9.2

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WooCommerce MSRP Pricing v2.9.2

The WooCommerce MSRP plugin allows you to record Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices / Recommended Retail Prices against your products, and have them displayed on the sales pages. This allows your customers to see why it’s a good idea to buy from you.

2017.08.01 - version 2.9.4
* Fix: Savings amount could show incorrect values if saving was greater than 1000
* Fix: Do not through deprecated warnings for prices on variations on WooCommerce 3.x

2017.07.26 - version 2.9.3
* New: REST API v2 support
* Fix: Variation MSRPs not show for REST API v1

2017.07.22 - version 2.9.2
* Fix Javascript error which could occur under some configurations.

2017.07.13 - version 2.9.1
* Avoid warnings if price / MSRP are empty
* Do not show savings if MSRP & price are the same

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