Woocommerce Sagepay Form v3.9.0

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Woocommerce Sagepay Form v3.9.0

Take payments via SagePay Form AND SagePay Direct
SagePay Direct now supports tokens and will allow your customers to save their card information for faster checkout. See here for more information

Our SagePay Gateway is now TWO gateways in one, allowing you to take payments via SagePay Form or SagePay Direct. You can enable one or both gateways.

*** SagePay Form / Direct Changelog **
2017.07.05 - version 3.9.0
* Allow non-iFrame 3D Secure

2017.06.26 - version 3.8.1
* Fix shipping calculations in baskets
* Fix Undefined Constant meta_output

2017.06.23 - version 3.8.0
* do_action added after $order->payment_complete();

2017.05.25 - version 3.7.6
* Leave http/https in Success URL
* Add filter to Success URL
* Remove simulate option.
* Fix array to string conversion error when using coupons
* WooCommerce 3.1 fixes

2017.05.04 - version 3.7.5
* Fix Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WC_Order::get_shipping_total()

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