WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 4.4.16

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WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 4.4.16

Get real-time rates from the largest shipping network in the US

Show your customers accurate shipping rates automatically with our integration for USPS, the largest delivery network in United States.

Your store must use US Dollars for its currency and the United States, US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico as the base country. It works with inches (in) and pounds (lbs), but other units can be converted automatically.

USPS calculates quotes worldwide.

2017-06-29 - version 4.4.8
* Fix - Issue where "Restrict Media Mail to..." is not checked properly.

2017-06-09 - version 4.4.7
* Tweak - Add rate meta data for flat rate boxes. This info will displayed in order line item.
* Fix - Issue where MailType is not set correctly for for First Class International rates.

2017-05-16 - version 4.4.6
* Tweak - Add package information to order details.
* Update - Priority flat rate pricing.
* Fix - Change type of additional fee to 'price' because user could enter invalid value such as 50¢.

2017-04-03 - version 4.4.5
* Update - Additional updates for WC 3.0 compatibility.

2017-02-03 - version 4.4.4
* Update - January 22, 2017 Priority Mail rates update.
* Update - WC 3.0 compatibility.
* Fix - Regional Rate A2 box dimensions were off causing wrong box type to be returned.

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