YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.10

YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.10 Download


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YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.10

Selling products all over the world implies having to deal with different shipping fees for each state, region or city.

Luckily, by using the native WooCommerce options, we can easily fix this issue, but it won’t be so easy in case the shipping fees need to be edited for every single product. WooCommerce doesn’t allow that.

What if you need to sell products that require different shipping fees?

Imagine selling a product that might require higher or lower shipping fees according to where in the world it needs to be shipped.

WooCommerce would not be able to help in any way, not without a substantial amount of editing in the code, which would be costly.

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