[YITH] WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium v1.1.27

[YITH] WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium v1.1.27 Download


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[YITH] WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium v1.1.27

Users that purchase online always hesitate when they buy a product that they cannot see nor touch.

Put yourself in your potential customers' shoes: everything they know about the product is represented by an image and a few descripting lines, they are not able to verify personally the details, or to ask for further information to a salesperson as it would be in a real shop. How many questions would they ask before clicking on the purchasing button, and how frustrated are they purchasing blindly!

Changelog Premium Version
Version 1.1.27 - Released on July 06, 2017

New: support for WooCommerce 3.1
New: tested up to WordPress 4.8
Fix: email layout, prevent the product image from overlapping the email content
Update: YITH Plugin Framework

Version 1.1.26 - Released on Jun 26, 2017

Update: users can change the answers order dynamically

Version 1.1.25 - Released on Jun 22, 2017

Update: allow users to receive a notification when an answer to their question is submitted.
Fix: 'back to questions' link not working due to missing product id.
Fix: avoid showing duplicated reCaptcha element.
Fix: do not show product link in Q&A table, if the product is deleted.

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